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Samsung Milk Music to close in Australia after just over a year

Samsung has tried to crack the music streaming market in Australia twice in recent years, and its most recent attempt, Milk Music, is closing after just over a year.

The Milk Music app will no longer be available in Australia after April 28.

Samsung has announced it will shut down its Milk Music streaming service by the end of April after just over a year in the Australian market.

After quietly cutting off new subscriptions last week and shutting down auto-renewals for existing customers, Samsung announced in an email to customers that it will no longer offer the service as of April 28. From this date, users will no longer be able to stream music or access cached music from Milk on Samsung Galaxy devices.

Samsung has launched and shuttered two streaming music services in Australia since 2011, with Milk launching in February 2015, shortly after its previous Music Hub service was shut down in December 2014.

Samsung said the announcement was made with a "heavy heart," but the closure points to heavy competition in the Australian streaming market. Only available on Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets, Milk was always up against stiff competition from the 15-odd music streaming services in Australia, including Spotify, which racked up more than 20 million paying subscribers worldwide in mid-2015.

But it's not all bad news -- Samsung is offering Milk customers a peace offering in the form of a free three-month subscription to Google Play Music.