Samsung's new fridge orders your groceries, won't judge your chocolate choices

Samsung has partnered with Woolworths to let you order groceries direct from its new Family Hub Refrigerator.

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The Samsung Family Hub refrigerator.


Remember the early Noughties, when the world was giddy at the thought of internet-connected fridges that would one day rule the kitchen?

Australia, your internet-fridge is here and it's going to do the shopping for you.

In time for the Australian launch of its latest internet-connected appliance, the Family Hub refrigerator, Samsung has announced a partnership with Woolworths to let you buy groceries using the Woolworths app directly from the fridge door.

It's not the first connected fridge to hit the market: LG and Samsung have both been playing with screens on fridges since 2013, and internet fridges have been making headlines since the early 2000's. But Samsung is hoping to put the technology to good use by solving a genuine connected home issue -- your fridge needs food, now your fridge buys food.

If you're ready to drop a cool AU$7,499 on Samsung's flagship fridge, you'll be able to order groceries directly from the Woollies app, which has now been gussied up for the Family Hub's 21.5-inch screen.

You can search for items directly, or search through recipes by cuisine, tap a tab in the recipe for ingredients and then tap another tab to shop for those items. You can start a list on your mobile and then push it to your fridge screen, and thanks to the Family Hub's built-in fridge door cameras, you can see the contents of your fridge from the screen on the door -- and even on your phone when you're at the supermarket.

It's a simple interface, though we're not sure how convenient it will be in general practice to make your full shopping list by trawling through all the grocery options while you're standing at your fridge. When we got a demo, a search for tomato sauce alone brought up countless options.

Still, it's a nifty feature, and the tie-in with Woolworths finally brings a real-world benefit that would actually be useful on a connected fridge.

Now for a fridge that will make me dinner.