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Samsung co-CEO: In 5 years, all our products will be Internet connected

The Korean electronics giant said its Web-connected products would be able to work with devices from other companies.

Samsung is doubling down on the Internet of Things. James Martin/CNET

LAS VEGAS -- Samsung is making a big bet on the "Internet of Things," or Web-connected products.

The Korean electronics giant said Monday that 90 percent of its products -- which includes everything from smartphones to refrigerator-- would be able to connect to the Web by 2017. In five years, every product in the company's entire catalog would be Internet connected, said B.K. Yoon, the company's co-CEO.

But for the Internet of Things to actually take off, disparate devices from different companies must be able to work together. So Yoon vowed that all of Samsung's products would be built on platforms that are open and compatible with other products.

"We will make sure that others can easily connect to our devices," Yoon said during a press conference at the Consumer Electronics Show here.

Samsung's declaration is just the latest example of the world's largest technology companies embracing the Web in devices beyond just laptops, smartphones and tablets. In August, Samsung bought SmartThings, a US smart home technology startup that developed an open platform for smart devices, which would become the basis for the Samsung's Internet of Things push.

The company isn't the only tech giant investing in the smart home. Google in February bought Nest, maker of a smart thermostat and smoke detector, for more than $3 billion. Nest has also made sure its products could work with other devices and services, introducing the Works with Nest software developer program in June.