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Samsung announces Project Glued, a video-streaming service for Asia

The video-on-demand service will be available in the third quarter, with Singapore and the Philippines as launch markets.

Customers in Asia may soon be able to watch full seasons of popular US and UK shows in HD on their tablets and phones. James Martin/CNET

The name of Samsung's Project Glued, a video-on-demand streaming app, isn't very catchy -- but that's because it's not the official name. With the announcement , the Korean company is signaling its intentions to enter into the content market in Southeast Asia.

The mobile app will let users rent an entire season of curated TV shows, but is limited to US and UK programs at launch. Customers can either stream or download each episode in HD to their Samsung devices.

Samsung says it will cost users $6.50 per season for 30 days, with the first episode free as a sample. You can also gift seasons to your friends, or share access with them -- up to six -- over a 24 hour period.

The app was developed by the company's Media Solutions Center that's based in Singapore, and it's set to debut sometime between July and September. It will first launch in Singapore and the Philippines.

Unlike other regions, Southeast Asia is made up of very different countries and cultures, each with a different language. As such, what may work for one country likely won't work for another.

By choosing two primarily English speaking countries as launch markets, Samsung may be hoping that the more westernized tastes will attract early customers.

However, given the number of commuters watching Korean dramas on their mobile phones in Singapore, unless Samsung manages to secure key Asian content for its launch, Project Glued will have a tough time trying to get consumers stuck on its videos.