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An arbitration panel ruled against, which was claiming rights for

A product lost an attempt to gain control of the domain name, which it wanted because it has a product called

The panel that handles disputes about domain names, the National Arbitration Forum, said in its ruling that doesn't have rights to the name because the owner, Internet Venture Holdings, registered before trademarked and began using argued that Internet Venture Holdings was typo-squatting--in other words, using a name that's confusingly similar to its trademark with the hope that sloppy typers will end up on even though they were intended to go to's site.

While was at one point a site about the armed forces, as can be seen in this Internet research tool, it now has a simple page advertising that "this premium domain is for sale" on it.

So why doesn't founder and CEO Marc Benioff just pay up?

I haven't heard back from people at, but this is clearly a battle over money. likely balked at whatever the price was and instead tried to wrestle control through arbitration.

Benioff is a shrewd man when it comes to understanding the power and importance of domain names. Last year, paid more than $1.5 million for, and the company also owns In 2008, he sold the name for an undisclosed amount.

The ruling must irk Benioff since, given the ruling, the price will only go higher.

News of the dispute was first reported by Domain Name Wire.