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Rumor that just won't die: Google Presentations 'any day now'

Are we set to see Google Presentations next week? The Inquirer thinks so.

Despite many signs pointing to a release of Google's presentation service at last week's Office 2.0 Conference (coverage), the only thing we got were some new tweaks to Docs and Spreadsheets that went largely under the radar. This morning, The Inquirer is claiming that things are stirring in the depths of Google's Mountain View headquarters, and the app is set to launch "any day now." They're also claiming that the app will be integrating technology from both of Google's slide show and presentation acquisitions Tonic Systems and Zenter, which the company bought up in April and June respectively.

Despite mention of a presentation app, there's still largely nothing that's been said about a Wiki app joining the party, besides the acquisition of Jotspot late last year, which hasn't come to fruition amidst the rest of Google's services. On a related note, no matter what, we're getting something new from the company next week where Google is set to present something at the TechCrunch40 conference.