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RockMelt Web browser surrounds you with hot social magma

RockMelt is a new browser than lets your Facebook, Twitter and RSS updates surge up through the crust of your browser window like magma.

If you think Explorer is extinct, Firefox is fusty and Chrome is crusty, it's time for a new Web browser. RockMelt slaps social networks over a Chrome-like browser window, in a bid to make your Facebook and Twitter feeds easier to get at.

But wait, we hear you cry -- isn't that the same as Flock? It's also based on Chromium, has a sidebar that displays a running feed of your Facebook updates and tweets, a link next to the address bar to quickly post updates, and stores your profiles online so you can sync them across your computers. Right you are -- and aren't you sharp for a Monday?

People haven't seemed keen to flock to Flock, and RockMelt is taking a slightly different kick at the can. RSS feeds are thrown into the mix, with icons along the right-hand side showing how many unread stories you have in your feeds, along with new Facebook messages and tweets.

Along the left-hand side, another sidebar shows icons of your BFFs. From here, you can start Facebook chats, send them links and reply to their updates.

RockMelt also takes on searching. Typing something in the browser's search box brings up a box with the results, rather than opening the Google results page in the browser. The top ten links are pre-loaded, so you can tab through the links to see a preview of that result in the main window before you choose which one fulfills your need. Confused? Check out the screen shot above to see what we're on about.

You can also check out the video below, if you can stand the plinky-plonky soundtrack and thick coating of fake cutesiness for long enough before the inevitable nosebleed sets in. Try pretending it's an Onion parody.

RockMelt is only available as a beta by invitation only, but it's not hard to get an invite. Pop over to its website and connect with your Facebook account to register for the beta.