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RFID software market to boom

Study predicts customers in 2010 will spend $191 million on software to handle data produced by RFID-tagged devices.

Software for processing all the data produced by RFID (radio frequency identification) chips will boom from $36 million this year to $192 million in 2010, according to a study by Venture Development. RFID chips can give a digital identity to everything from passports and groceries to train boxcars and soccer balls, but software is needed to process and store the data.

Companies that sell the software include specialists such as FR Code, GlobeRanger, OATSystems and Vizional and adapted versions of general-purpose software from companies including Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, IBM and Sun Microsystems. NCR and BEA Systems have already acquired smaller RFID software companies, and more acquisitions are likely, the report said.