RetirementJobs.com says, 'Over 50? Get a job, punk!'

RetirementJobs.com is a job board for people over 50 years old.

Rafe Needleman Former Editor at Large
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Rafe Needleman
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A job board for people over 50 years old, RetirementJobs.com was created to reflect the changing definition of "retirement" in the United States. And the fact that the older demographic is now online in sufficient force to make the site viable.

These jobs are open to older workers.

According to founder Tim Driver, the supply of older job seekers is matched by a necessary and ongoing reversal in corporate age bias. As a country, we are aging. When a person retires from a job these days, there aren't always two or three people ready to step into the job, as there have been in the past. Additionally, the aging customer base calls for a matching workforce to understand and do business with it. Driver also extols the virtues of older worker and points to the Labor Department's statistic that younger employees change jobs three times more frequently than older workers.

Functionally, RetirementJobs.com is not that different from any other general-purpose job site, such as Monster or CareerBuilder. The editorial content is, though: The advice and stories are all focused on the particular issues a mature worker will encounter. For example, the article "Will A Job Affect My Social Security?" that is front and center on RetirementJobs, would not likely be featured on a job site that caters to the typical fresh-out-of-college market. Some of the content seemed a bit promotional, though. A podcast on the challenges older people face when looking for jobs mentioned the virtues of the RetirementJobs.com site several times in the first minute.

But at least a job seeker knows that employers posting jobs on this site will be open to talking to them even if--or perhaps especially if--they have a few more years of experience than is usually asked for. That makes this site not just a good resource, but a great confidence builder, too.