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Report: Tremor Media lands $18 million VC round

Tremor Media has reportedly raised an $18 million third round of venture funding, as it seeks to expand its ad network and video technology, according to a Silicon Alley Insider report.

Picture this: more venture funding for an advertising-related start-up operating in hard economic times.

Apparently, Tremor Media has gotten just that--to the tune of an $18 million third round of funding, according to a Silicon Alley Insider report.

Meritech Capital Partners led the round in the Web video ad network company, with existing investors Canaan Partners, Masthead Venture Partners, and European Founders Fund participating, according to the report.

Tremor Media, which provides advertisers with in-banner and in-stream video advertising on various publisher sites, has raised a total of $37 million in venture funding, SIA notes.

Tremor's funding comes as other Web video advertising players are looking to teach retool their delivery methods. Yahoo, for example, is gearing up to offer images and video as part of its paid search advertising results.