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Reddit's r/photoshopbattles took on a giant robot panda

Social Studies: The creativity over at Reddit strikes again with a Photoshop battle using a giant statue in Shenyang, China.

Photoshop battles on Reddit never get old. I found one battle today that's so good I had to share.

The subject: A giant robot-panda statue, created by artist Bi Heng and living in Shenyang, China. The stated purpose of the project was to remind people that we mustn't sacrifice nature for the sake of technical progress. The Yin-Yang symbol on the armor was meant to show that the world is interconnected. It's a really great message.

Of course, once the folks at Reddit r/photoshopbattles got a hold of the image, the usual creativity of the subreddit went into overdrive.

Let's see what they came up with! Here's the original image posted by Redditor NuggetLord99:

Reddit user: NuggetLord99

The robot look in the original image made someone think of Iron Man:

Reddit user: tiberius_magnus

Another person added Iron Man as well but used a different art style:

Reddit user: Elelegante101

As often happens, once someone saw the Iron Man versions, they decided Panda Iron Man would be a thing:

Reddit user: jnoble50

There was also Robot Panda vs. Godzilla:

Reddit user: MsElsaMars

With the game Titanfall 2 currently topping the charts for first person shooter games, this was inevitable:

Reddit user: mustnofap

Keeping with the video game theme, another user imagined our hero in Blizzard's World of Warcraft:

Reddit user: Mal3ficent

Reddit user dashman01 went with a different approach entirely:

Reddit user: dashman01

Finally, one Redditor wanted to imagine the Robot Panda as a baby:

Reddit user: giura_