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How a long-exposure rocket launch photo spawns greatness

Photoshop battles are one of my favorite subtopics on Reddit.com and this particular battle really shows the creativity of people on the site.

Reddit's Photoshop battles forums can be amazing, turning one photo into several different things.

Reddit user -WhistleWhileYouLurk recently posted a long-exposure photo of the Soyuz rocket launch, which is headed for the International Space Station. Redditors pounced on it immediately with a ton of cool looking tweaked images. One even created a GIF to show how he/she created a movie poster, which I put at the bottom of the list.

Original image:

Reddit user: Aero-Space


Reddit user: InsideDK

A UFO beaming up a cow? Absolutely.

Reddit user: aphaits

A giant cinnamon churro? We'll allow it. But a followup post from a different Redditor might be even better:

Reddit user: SnipeyMcSnipe

Who doesn't love the Stay Puft marshmallow man?

Reddit user: _chrissyboy

Goku from Dragon Ball Z is always a good choice.

Reddit user: not_humorous

That's a spaghetti measurement tool. Apparently this rocket trail is equivalent to a dinner for three.

Reddit user: aphaits

Did I mention Reddit users are creative? Reddit users are creative. I'm suddenly hungry for some reason.

Reddit user: artunitinc

Reddit law: Whenever you can turn something into the Eye of Sauron, you are obligated to do so.

Reddit user: DrWankalot

Here's that movie poster I mentioned earlier and here is the creation GIF below:

Reddit user: DrWankalot