RealPlayer Cloud launches with cross-platform storage and video playback

Announced today, RealPlayer Cloud brings a unique cloud storage, video streaming, and sharing service to iOS, Android, Roku, and other platforms.

Jaymar Cabebe Former Associate Editor
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Jaymar Cabebe
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RealNetworks today gets into the cloud storage game with its new RealPlayer Cloud app. Available on a multitude of platforms, RealPlayer Cloud takes a videocentric approach to storage, and its success could mean a sort of rebirth for the arguably irrelevant streaming-media company.

At first glance, RealPlayer Cloud might seem like just another storage service, as it gives new users 2GB of free storage (US and Canada only) and offers premium plans that start at $4.99 per month. What sets this multiplatform app apart from other cloud storers like Dropbox and Google Drive, however, is that it is exclusively for storing and sharing video.

Install RealPlayer Cloud on your devices, and you'll be able to move, watch, save, and share videos between them. The app lets you browse through the videos that are saved on any of your other devices, and easily play them or even download them in just a few taps. Altogether, the interface looks really simple, especially if you've used a cloud storage service before.

Perhaps the best thing about RealPlayer Cloud is its integrated SurePlay technology, which essentially eliminates any potential incompatibility issues between specific devices and file types. With SurePlay built in, RealPlayer Cloud can play just about any video file on just about any device. The service takes care of all the transcoding, so you don't have to worry about correct video size or compatible file types when you access your stuff. In fact, you can even share your items with others who don't have RealPlayer Cloud, and the service will still ensure that they are able to play your video, regardless of what kind of device they're using.

RealPlayer Cloud is available on iOS, Android, Windows PCs, and Roku boxes, and the folks at RealNetworks claim to be expanding to additional platforms soon. Conveniently, if your device isn't supported, you can even access your Cloud account through a Web browser. If you're looking for a simple way to share, move, and stream videos between your numerous devices, then be sure to check out RealPlayer Cloud.