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Real offers new ad services, pairs with DoubleClick

The streaming software leader will provide new advertising services to television and radio stations that want to increase their sponsorship.

RealNetworks said it will begin offering advertising services to television and radio stations that want to increase their sponsorship revenue on the Internet.

Also today, the Seattle, Wash.-based company announced it has teamed with online ad company DoubleClick to deliver more precisely targeted sales pitches to those using audio, video and other types of streaming media.

With the new ad service, radio stations can offer national and local advertising online and over the airwaves.

ABC radio personality Tom Joyner was the first to sign on to RealNetworks' service, according to Real. Although his show has sold all of its radio spots through the end of the year, Joyner can sell radio ads over the Net in markets across the country, a spokeswoman said.

"There is a lot of pressure to generate non-traditional advertising revenue for radio," the spokewoman said. "Now there are two mediums in which to capture viewers."

The new service coincides with today's release of the RealServer 7.0 Advertising Extension, which allows advertisers to place streaming ads anywhere within an online broadcast--in effect bringing the Internet one step closer to network television.

The DoubleClick partnership, a separate undertaking, is intended to enable Internet broadcasters on RealNetworks' Real Broadcast Network to deliver different ads to different viewers and listeners based on user profiles.

RealNetworks has been considered the powerhouse in streaming media. But Microsoft is making a push to win a greater portion of the lucrative online streaming audience.

At 9 a.m. tomorrow, Microsoft's Bill Gates is slated to deliver the keynote address at the Streaming Media '99 conference in San Jose.