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Josh Lowensohn Former Senior Writer
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Josh Lowensohn

Got a friend or family member who just loves to send you chain e-mails? The kind that have been forwarded a hundred times over and have so many indents and signatures on them that the original sender probably sent it off years ago? If you secretly enjoy these, but want to find a place where others have compiled their own in-box gems, check out FwdItOn, a simple service that lets you share images, videos, and text e-mails with others in one huge pool.

The service shares a lot of its core functionality with Digg. There's an upcoming section, a live view of incoming content (called Spy), and the content can be rated, commented on, and tagged by its users. While the images and videos are standard fare, the service's real draw is in its directory of text e-mails, which are full of raucous jokes, riddles, and anything else you've seen end up in your in-box.

The service has a wonderfully simple submission process. You simply forward any e-mail you feel like sharing to submit@fwditon.com. Likewise, if you feel like forwarding anything you come across to friends or family, there are copious sharing options as well as a new built-in system for marking content safe or unsafe for work viewing.

Read e-mail chain messages without filling up your in-box with FwdItOn. (click to enlarge) CNET Networks