​Rdio streams globally, thinks locally with curated stations

Rdio has launched a raft of new Internet radio stations curated by "tastemakers," but unlike rival Apple, the stations have been curated for specific countries and regions.

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Rdio's desktop platform. Rdio

As the battle between online music streaming services picks up tempo, Rdio has announced it will be partnering with "tastemakers" and "influencers" to launch a raft of new curated Internet radio stations on its music streaming service.

The news comes a week after Apple launched its eagerly-awaited Beats 1 Internet radio station to listeners around the world, offering anyone with an Apple ID the chance to listen to tracks curated by "music experts."

But while Beats 1 beams out globally from three studios in London, LA and New York, Rdio is targeting its offering to specific countries, with stations programmed by "key local influencers" for particular regions such as Australia or Brazil.

"Rdio's team of music programmers collaborated directly with these curation partners to compile music recommendations that truly represent the most influential labels of all time from across the globe as well as the world's most trusted local tastemakers," said the company in a statement.

"The new stations enrich the Rdio user experience across all of Rdio's tiers -- including free, Rdio Unlimited and Rdio Select -- by providing a unique collection of curated content specific to local countries."

Australia, Mexico, Brazil and India will all get a raft of new curated channels, as well as Asia (which includes Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Hong Kong). New channels are also launching in the US, UK and Canada to add to the current line-up in those regions.

Rdio CEO, Anthony Bay, emphasised that each of the new stations would give listeners a distinctly different musical brand.

"In keeping with our objective of providing the world's best Internet radio experience, we are proud to partner with key influencers and the label community to program their own branded stations," said Bay. "These stations not only help extend each labels' brand presence but they also let our listeners anywhere in the world discover music from credible brands that they trust and respect."

Here's the list of new stations, provided by Rdio:

Create / Control, Def Jam, Dew Process, Domino, UNFD, I OH YOU!, Liberation, Mushroom, Rice Is Nice

Biscoito Fino, Coqueiro Verde, Deck Disk, Dubas, Gospel Brasil, Pimba, SLAP, Tratore, VP, YB

Darker Than Wax, Demajors, Getmusicasia, Hostess Asia, KittyWu Records, Syonan Records, Vivamusicgroup1

Alpa Digitech, Everest Entertainment, Radial India, Sony Music India, Times Music India, Tips Music, Universal Music India, YRF Music

Art & Crafts, Capital, Def Jam, Rhino, Sub Pop, XL

Arts & Crafts, Barsuk Records, Blue Note, Burger Records, DFA Records, Frenchkiss Records, Glassnote Records, Ultra Records.

Arts & Crafts, Barsuk, Burger Records, DFA Records, Glassnote Records, XL

Arts & Crafts, Blue Note, Burger Records, DFA Records, Dirty Hit, Fiction, Glassnote, XL