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Rallying for the e-rate

Armed with new reports on the "digital divide," the Clinton administration is rallying public support for e-rate funds helping public schools.

The Clinton administration is rallying public support for the e-rate, seeking to capitalize on new reports illustrating technology disparaties based on gender, income, and race. These follow other reports on privacy concerns, capping a busy week for Washington's Internet agenda.

White House renews e-rate push
news analysis The Clinton administration is rallying public support for the e-rate, armed with a Commerce report about the growing disparity between tech haves and have-nots.

Gates gives $7 million to libraries
The Gates Library Foundation is donating $7.25 million in cash and software to the Louisiana library system.

Digital divide growing, study says
The "new economy" is booming, but the so-called digital divide is growing at an equally fast pace, a Commerce Department report says.

Net bill raises privacy flags
A Senate committee passes a bill that creates standards for verifying identities online without protections sought by advocates.

Report: Industry fighting privacy
A new study says privacy protections have been derailed or watered down by medical, credit, and financial lobbyists.

Technology by and for women
Magazines often pitch digital toys to boys, but a Silicon Valley organization wants more women in high tech.