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Rainbow grilled cheese makes for a psychedelic sandwich

Nibble on a hallucinatory version of the humble grilled cheese sandwich with a version that looks like something a unicorn would make.

Kala Toast rainbow sandwich
These colors are allegedly actually found in nature.
Kala Toast

I have a recipe for rainbow grilled cheese. First, capture a unicorn. Next, milk that unicorn. Then make cheese from the unicorn milk. Age it for centuries in a magic cave. Slice. Butter two pieces of bread, place the cheese in the middle and grill on an iron skillet.

Or you can just pop over to Hong Kong eatery Kala Toast and buy a rainbow grilled cheese sandwich (that's a cheese toastie for you UK folks) right now. The tiny sandwich shop is making tidal waves on the food scene with a series of can't-believe-your-eyes Instagram photos showing the very special sandwich.

The sandwich is stuffed with melted gooey cheese in bright shades of blue, red and green along with the more normal white. Each color is associated with a flavor: lavender (blue), tomato (red) and basil (green). Kala Toast says the eye-opening hues come from natural food colorings.

If you think the cheeses look weird inside the cooked sandwich, you need to check out what they look like when they're sliced up and waiting to go inside the bread. Yowza. That's a dairy product that would fit right in at a Grateful Dead concert.

The rainbow grilled cheese sports the official name of "KALAful choice." Despite the intensity of the colors, the cheese inside is mild. Kala Toast says it's "so that the flavor won't be too strong to be resisted by any particular [person]." Basically that means the food stand didn't want to freak out its customers by walloping them with an overpowering wave of lavender. This sandwich is really more about the visuals.

This isn't the first oddball food item we've seen dressed up in curious colors. You might recall Burger King Japan's screaming red hell-burgers or Darth Vader-like black burger with black cheese. Kala Toast's sandwich tops them all with its sheer diversity of unexpected hues. Outside of Skittles, this may be your best chance to taste the rainbow.

(Via RocketNews24)