QuickBooks Online goes offline for several hours

Online small business accounting app, as well as Intuit's credit-card processing service, knocked offline for about six hours on Monday.

Rafe Needleman Former Editor at Large
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Rafe Needleman
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Yesterday, the online version of Intuit's QuickBooks, the small business accounting service, went offline for several hours. A related outage apparently also took down Intuit's credit-card processing service, Innovative Merchant Solutions, which the standalone version of QuickBooks uses as well.

Affected customers of QuickBooks Online were left without access to their financial records. While users of the software version of QuickBooks could access their records, those relying on Intuit for credit-card processing had to do authorizations manually over the phone--a slower, more expensive process.

All online services have outages from time to time, but this one appears to have been lengthy for a line-of-business service, and for many users, unsatisfactorily managed. We received complaints from users that communications from Intuit gave neither a reason for the outages nor an estimate on when the service would return.

Intuit spokespeople are still not commenting on what caused the outage, but I did hear this from the company on Tuesday morning:

QuickBooks services, including IMS and QuickBooks Online, are fully running and have been since late yesterday afternoon. Yesterday, some customers may have experienced intermittent delays in accessing these services because of network issues over a course of about six hours.

With service restored, we have extended our QuickBooks Online service hours so that we can respond individually to any issues they may have related to this outage. We notified customers to contact us so we can be of further assistance. Customers choose Intuit to provide the high-quality service they've come to expect from us. We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate their patience. We know that they need and expect our services to be available when they want them and working to prevent this from happening again.