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Qantas Wi-Fi brings Netflix, Spotify and Foxtel on board

Now you have an excellent way to avoid the passenger next to you -- fast, free internet and free access to music and video streaming.

Qantas passengers will now be able to use Wi-Fi on domestic flights, thanks to the NBN.

Qantas is finally switching on in-flight Wi-Fi on domestic flights this month, promising sky-high Netflix, Spotify and Foxtel streaming, all thanks to NBN's Sky Muster satellite service.

The airline first announced the technological upgrade last year, confirming that it would use idle data capacity made available through the NBN satellite service to bring Wi-Fi speeds that are up to 10 times faster than speeds offered by other airlines.

And while Foxtel, Netflix and Spotify are all paid subscription services, all three companies will offer free access to Qantas flyers both on board and after their flight. Foxtel will offer three days of access after the flight, with no sign-up required; Netflix and Spotify will both offer 30-day free trials to passengers, with existing customers being able to log in to their accounts to stream without extra charge.

Qantas says the service will be switched on in "late February" with the remaining fleet of Wi-Fi-enabled Boeing 737 and Airbus A330 domestic aircraft coming online from "mid 2017."

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