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Put politics in perspective with 'Darth Trump'

Yes, Donald Trump is competing with Star Wars for headlines again, so why not combine the two?

Will The Donald reject the dark side of the Force?
Video screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

Donald Trump is in the headlines once again this week after making some rather radical proposals about barring Muslims from entering the US and soliciting Bill Gates' help to somehow shut down parts of the Internet (video).

Before you get all worked up, either because you think he's nuts or he's someone finally speaking the truth, take a deep breath and have a few laughs watching the below mashup of Star Wars movies with real-life audio from Trump dubbed in for Darth Vader.

Darth Trump rambles on about his poll numbers and military plans to his generals and Emperor Palpatine. He even has a tender moment with Luke Skywalker, but perhaps the best bits come from some more vintage Donald audio, including a spot-on use of his catch phrase from "The Apprentice" and a long-forgotten pitch for "Trump Steaks." It's delicious comedy, indeed.

Watch the whole thing below on the Auralnauts YouTube channel and don't forget to get caught up with Trump's troubles with "ancient technology" from 2001 and Jeff Bezos' generous offer of a free space vacation for the Donald, where perhaps he can begin to get in touch with his inner Sith lord.