Psychologist offers help online

A psychologist is taking some of his practice online. Clinical psychologist Leonard Holmes started Shareware Consultations to help Web users with their problems.

CNET News staff
Leonard Holmes, a Newport News, Virginia, psychologist in private practice has started offering his services to Web users on a "pay as it helps" basis. "People send me email, and I respond and bill them for my time. If they feel like it's been valuable they can pay me," he said.

Holmes charges $1.50 per minute for his time. He has been using the Net since 1981.

Holmes came up with the idea after his practice started to shrink due to managed care rules and regulations. Shareware Consultations grew out of a therapists directory that was posted on the Web. "I started getting email from a lot of people wanting help with problems," said Holmes.

According to Holmes, the payment rate so far is about 50 percent.