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PSINet latest to hit Europe

The company's purchase of the Net interests of a French ISP is another push by a U.S. Net firm into Europe.

U.S. Internet service providers are continuing their push into Europe.

Today PSINet said it would buy the Internet interests of CalvaCom, a leading ISP in France, for an undisclosed sum.

"CalvaCom's success in providing Internet access, Web design, and hosting services will strengthen our position in a rapidly growing market," said Volker Kleinn, president of PSINet Europe, in a statement.

CalvaCom has more than 5,000 business Internet accounts and has built Web sites for French companies including Total (in energy), Lacoste (in sportswear), and French radio station NRJ.

PSINet is on a rapid expansion binge in Europe. It already has teamed up with the Chatterjee Group to help build a network across Europe.

PSINet is not alone, however. Today's deal comes on the heels of UUNet's acquisition of the Netherlands' largest ISP, NLnet. The Netherlands has one of the world's highest Internet usage levels.

America Online's planned buyout of CompuServe's online services business also is a bid by AOL to expand its reach in Europe.

The United Kingdom, Germany, France, Sweden, and Italy also are projected to be fast-growing markets, according to a report by Jupiter Communications.