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Prospero Offers Chat 'n' Surf Software

Prospero Systems is offering Global Chat, software that continously displays chat session messages without user intervention.

Available free at http://www.prospero.com/globalchat for Windows, Macintosh, and Unix desktops, the software lets users simultaneously chat and surf the Web.

Once Global Chat is downloaded, users can click on a link from a Web page to enter a chat channel. A new window containing ongoing chat is opened, along with any graphics or sounds being transmitted.

Enabling users to surf the Web and chat at the same time will make new types of programming more feasible, company officials say. According to Prospero officials, Web programs for providing interactive celebrity interviews and special-interest community discussion groups are currently in the works for Global Chat users.

New Kit Gives Neos Easy Web Access
Ventana Communications Group is launching the World Wide Web Kit, a $49.95 package that includes Netscape Navigator Personal Edition and the CD Accelerator utility.

The kit also includes a one-year subscription to Walking the World Wide Web, a CD-ROM guide that introduces the Web and reviews 300-plus Web sites.

WebWalker can be used to create live links between the CD-ROM guide and the Net. Users can then log onto the Net and click on sites linked via the CD guide.

Ventana's Web site is at http://www.vmedia.com.