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Prime Day 2019: American Express, Chase credit card rewards could give you some extra savings

American Express and Chase are offering extra perks if you are willing to use your rewards.

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Eli Blumenthal
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Your credit card may have extra Prime Day savings for you. 

Sarah Tew/CNET

Prime Day is filled with discounts, but those looking to save a few more bucks might be able to find it by activating deals from their credit card providers. 

As spotted by deals site Dan's Deals American Express  and Chase cardholders can get up to $50 off if you use a rewards point during checkout. A single point is often enough to initiate the savings, with no need for users to use up all of their rewards to get the extra discount.  

Unlike the Amazon's own Prime Visa card -- which is offering 6% cash back on purchases during the company's shopping "holiday" -- these promotions do in some cases appear to be targeted, making them not available to all users. They also need to be activated before they take effect. 

American Express


American Express credit cards that earn Membership Rewards, like the Platinum card, could give you some extra Prime Day savings.

American Express

American Express has a few deals available for Prime Day, including  (up to $50) and one that offers . Either option requires you to use at least one Membership Rewards point from that card to pay for your purchase at checkout, at which point the discount should be reflected in your cart. 

A third deal like Fire TV sticks and Kindles, adding additional savings to the already discounted gadgets .  

As one would expect there are restrictions, such as products needing to be sold by Amazon.com. While it appears to a targeted deal, if it doesn't initially work with your Membership Rewards-earning American Express card you can try removing your AmEx from Amazon, re-adding it, and then try activating the deal again. 

Before you check out you'll also want to make sure you are only using a single Membership Rewards point, and not the max which is sometimes placed by default. 



Chase credit cards that earn Ultimate Rewards, like the Sapphire Reserve, also are offering savings for Prime Day. 


Chase's deal offers when using a single Ultimate Rewards Point from that card at checkout. Like with AmEx, a single rewards point is all that is needed to activate the savings, though similar restrictions may apply. 

The deal also appears to be targeted and needs to be activated. Also, products need to be sold by Amazon.com directly, not a third-party reseller.  If you have a Chase card that earns Ultimate Rewards and promotion doesn't activate you can try removing your card and then re-adding and reactivating the deal again. 

As with AmEx, a single point is often enough to trigger the discount during checkout, so make sure to adjust the point total down to 1 to avoid having the full purchase be made using points by default.