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Post-Its, Evernote teaming up in sticky new exploit

The venerable paper stickies are entering the Web era by way of a new software partnership with the note-taking app Evernote.

Looks like Post-It notes are still a sticky idea, even in the digital age.

The note-taking software service Evernote, and 3M, the company behind the venerable paper stickies, are joining forces to introduce software that will easily recognize pictures of Post-Its, so users can organize and store them digitally.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the software will be able to pick up on the signature bright colors of Post-Its and be able to categorize them in different ways. For example, the Journal notes, pink ones can be designated for shopping lists. "Paperless as a concept is stupid," Evernote CEO Phil Libin told the Journal. "The goal is to get rid of stupid uses of paper."

3M will begin to sell Post-Its with Evernote's elephant-head logo on the packaging, plus, for a limited time, offer upgrades to the premium version of Evernote's software. The two companies will share revenue of both Post-It sales and app downloads.

Surprisingly, the digital note-taking market has been heating up of late, with products popping up from formidable competitors. Last week, the cloud storage company Box introduced note-taking software similar to Evernote. And Simplenote, an early note-taking application, has revamped its offerings.

Evernote is set to begin its yearly conference in San Francisco tomorrow, which will run through Friday.