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Portals look to commerce

The heated competition among "portals"--those all-in-one services seeking to become home pages to the world--is turning to e-commerce.

The heated competition among "portal" Portalopoly sites--those all-in-one services seeking to become home pages to the world--is moving to the e-commerce, with Yahoo and Excite leading the way. Others other players continue to cut deals at a feverish pace.

Excite goes for the green
Q&A In a NEWS.COM interview, Excite executive vice president Brett Bullington talks of competition, user control, and portal e-commerce.

Infoseek adds home pages
Joining the ranks of rivals Yahoo and Lycos, Infoseek becomes the latest portal to add personal home pages to its offerings.

Inktomi doubles IPO price
update The company, which makes search-engine technology for portals and other sites, doubles its IPO price to close at 36.

Yahoo's e-commerce strategy
Q&A Yahoo's e-commerce chief speaks with NEWS.COM on the Viaweb buy and keeping a 60-day jump on its rivals.

NBC buys stake in CNET, Snap
update The broadcast giant invests in the Internet firm and will run the portal service.

Lycos gets search patent
The search firm receives a patent on its "spider" technology for the Web.

Inktomi, GeoCities near IPOs
The Internet companies are nearing their forays into an IPO market that remains hot.