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Pokemon goes right to the top of searches on porn sites

Peekaboo Pikachu? The hit mobile game that's driving the world to distraction is prompting some players to look for Pokemon in places you might not have guessed.


Despite its chaotic and almost limitless nature, the internet is a place of rules.

For example, take Rule 34, which states pornography exists for any conceivable subject. Rule 34 is apparently alive and well in the case of Pokemon Go. The hit mobile game from Nintendo and Niantic has swept the world over the past week and prompted incredulous responses from police and a Holocaust museum, just for starters.

According to Pornhub, a number of internet denizens have been doing their duty by visiting the site to confirm that Rule 34 is being enforced when it comes to Pokemon. Searches for Pokemon on its site are up 136 percent as of July 11, compared with search volume before the game launched July 6.

Searches are up on other adult sites, too. says Pokemon is now a more popular search term than "porn" on its site.

Pornhub also provided demographic data on the volunteer digital civil servants making sure Rule 34 is observed, even in the case of cute, childish and -- we had thought -- completely asexual Japanese game characters.

It turns out that males, Android users and 18- to 24-year-olds are the most likely to search for Pokemon porn. The same pattern holds true when it comes to young men being the most likely to check on Rule 34 compliance for Minecraft as well.

Good to see young men getting involved in a cause. Keep up the work and remember: a healthy internet is a creepy internet!