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CNET asks: Do you still use Uber?

Uber has been racking up a lot of negative publicity lately. Has any of the bad news influenced your Uber usage? CNET wants to know.

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There's no shortage of negative news about ride-hailing company Uber, from sexual harassment allegations to a dashcam video of the CEO telling off a driver concerned about falling fares to the DeleteUber hashtag that sprang from the firm's response to President Donald Trump's immigration ban. And there's more. The company may be facing fines in California over a failure to properly respond to complaints about its drivers working drunk. I'd list more bad news for Uber, but then my whole paragraph would be just hyperlinks to those items, so I'll stop here. Long story short, Uber is on a bad-news streak.

The list is long all right, but our questions to you are: Has the negative spotlight on Uber caused you to stop using its services? Why or why not? If you've lost faith in the company, what would need to change before you'd consider using the service again -- or is there no changing your mind? Maybe you love Uber and think it's just a young firm that's hit a few bumps in the road? Weigh in via the poll and see where you stack up with others. Once you're done voting, check out the comments section and share your reasons for voting the way you did. We look forward to reading your thoughts on Uber.