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Political attack ad savages Princess Leia

Wookiee Medal-gate: A sly video from "The Star Wars Show" calls out Leia's marriage to a smuggler, lack of royal blood and more.

So weary of political attack ads you're kind of rooting for Giant Meteor 2016? Here's one you'll actually enjoy, no matter which side you're on.

"The Star Wars Show," which posts new YouTube episodes every Wednesday, produced a slyly realistic political attack ad attacking Princess Leia's ambitions to become the first senator of the new republic. The video promotes Claudia Gray's new Star Wars novel, "Bloodline," which focuses on Leia.

The ad's techniques are familiar to anyone who's followed Earth politics in the last 20 years.

Criticize her background? CHECK! The ad notes that Leia "isn't even a real princess."

Claim she's not good for business? CHECK! The ad points out that she murdered an "entrepreneur" in cold blood. Well, yeah, but he was Jabba, and he had kind of enslaved her, so self-defense and all that.

Ah, the old family values attack. CHECK! Leia may talk a good game, but "she married a notorious scoundrel and spice trafficker."

And our favorite: She's not PC enough. CHECK! "Leia claims she's for alien equality, but why doesn't she think Wookiees deserve medals?" Can't argue with that. Down with Leia!