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Pokemon Go must be banned in India, petitioner tells high court

We don't want your eggs in our houses of worship, nor do we want your CIA spy maps, petition says.

Pokemon Go running on the Apple Watch.
James Martin/CNET

And you thought the danger from Pokemon Go was of bumping into things because you weren't watching where you were going.

In India, the ills of the wildly popular game could be more nefarious. That's the gist of a petition (known as a "public interest litigation," or PIL) filed Thursday in the Gujarat High Court that seeks to ban Pokemon Go in that country, according to Bloomberg Quint. The story cites the petition's claims that displaying eggs in houses of worship is offensive to religious beliefs and that the game could be used by the CIA to create maps of places otherwise unmappable by Google.

The game isn't available yet in India, though people there have found roundabout ways to get hold of it.

The Indian petition has a family twist to it. Bloomberg Quint noted that the petitioner, Alay Anil Dave, is the son of Supreme Court Justice Anil Dave and the brother of the lawyer arguing the case, Nachiket Dave.

Pokemon Go developer Niantic had no comment. We reached out to the Gujarat High Court for the text of the PIL, but did not get an immediate response.

In other Pokemon Go news, Apple this week announced that the game will be coming to the Apple Watch.