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Pocket now organizes articles you save based on topic, length

The latest version of the save-for-later app organizes everything you save into categories, making things easier to find.

Pocket organizes each item you save into a category to make it easier to find.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Bookmarking tool Pocket, which saves articles and Web sites in a central location to read later, unveiled version 5.0 of its platform at a press conference here Wednesday.

The biggest change in Pocket 5.0 is the addition of a feature called Highlights, which groups your saved items into one of four standard categories: best of, trending, long-form articles, and short articles. That means as you save a new article, video, or Web site with Pocket, the app determines how long the content is -- a short read or a long article -- and places it in the appropriate category.

Pocket will also create topic-based categories, such as baseball or cooking, as you save new items. If you manually a tag an item in Pocket, that will create a new category. Additionally, Pocket also does its best to determine the topic of each item you save by looking at the headline, text, and other cues, and will create new categories to group related articles.

Pocket CEO Nate Weiner says that most of the app's users only look at the top 30 items on their list, which makes it harder to find something buried past that point. Highlights is meant to make it easier to navigate through your massive list of stuff you've saved to Pocket and find something specific.

Another new addition in Pocket 5.0 is called Pocket Preferences. This is a behind-the-scenes feature that keeps track of what you save and tells other apps, such news app Zite and RSS reader Feedly, what topics you like to read.

For example, if you use Zite and connect your Pocket account, Zite will look at the authors, sites, and topics that you've saved to Pocket in the past and will start to show you content it thinks you'll like. This is available on Zite starting today and will roll out to other apps soon. Pocket is also offering a software development kit to developers who want to use Preferences in their apps.

Pocket 5.0 is available today for iPad and the iPhone, with Android coming in the next week.