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PM David Cameron joins LinkedIn, Foursquare

The PM has joined LinkedIn, as well as Foursquare, but that doesn't necessarily mean he'll be mayor.

Prime Minister David Cameron is now on LinkedIn and Foursquare, says an official statement, reported by TechCrunch.

It's part of a move "to engage further with citizens and businesses using digital communications" according to the PM's press office, though from most of the posts so far, it looks just like another way of sending out press releases. Then again we weren't exactly expecting lulz and cat videos.

Cameron intends to communicate via LinkedIn with "people and businesses the PM meets regarding UK business, enterprise and manufacturing." Well either that or he's looking for another job and wants to grease some wheels. Make a connection with him and who knows, he could recommend you to become part of the next cabinet.

He also recently joined Foursquare, the location-based social network. This is to "illustrate the events the Prime Minister participates in during his day-to-day duties beyond Downing Street." Though he could just be after a free latte if he becomes mayor of his local Starbucks.

The account 'UK Prime Minister' has 1,752 followers on Foursquare, while David Cameron has 51 connections on LinkedIn. He's already on Twitter (1,847,575 followers), Facebook (147,251 Likes), and Flickr.

Still, it shows just how mainstream these services are becoming. Once the Prime Minister starts using your social network, you know you've made it.

Cameron was in the tech news recently when he announced internet users would have to 'opt-in' to view adult content online. Exactly how this would work wasn't announced, neither was what qualifies as 'adult content,' nor who decides. It would also only apply to people signing up to new internet packages -- for existing customers it'd be business as usual. The announcement follows Cameron's meeting with Mothers' Union, a Christian charity.

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