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Playstation Vue lets you sign up on Apple, Android phones now

Mobile sign-ups mean you no longer have to be at home and using a streaming device to create a new account for the virtual TV service.

A woman holds a phone to sign up for Playstation Vue
By signing up on a mobile phone, you're limited to three streams rather than five till you change your account to reflect your ZIP code. 
Playstation Vue

Playstation Vue is opening up its virtual TV service for mobile sign-ups. It's a move that'll result in some small modifications on your subscription, but it means you don't have be in your home and jump through as many hoops to create an account. 

Signing up online won't change how much Playstation Vue costs. The service's monthly rates start at about $40 a month. 

But the new mobile sign-up feature will make it much simpler to try out Vue, which has a one-week free trial for new members. Previously, you had to set up your account online or on a Playstation console, and then activate it in your home on a supported streaming device. 

Now you can sign up and get streaming immediately with an Apple or Android phone. When you sign up on a mobile device, your service will be a little different than the standard Vue account. You'll be limited to three simultaneous streams, rather than five. 

Playstation Vue is one of a handful of new virtual pay-TV services vying to break away as the go-to place for "cord-cutters," including Sling TV, DirecTV Now and YouTube TV. But competition is fierce between these services: With all of them providing varying bundles of the same streaming live TV channels and on-demand viewing, the services strive to compete on nitpicky features.