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Pistats.io details your Uber, Lyft spending habits

Ever wondered what a map of your ride-sharing routes would look like? Or how about the amount of money you've spent on rides? This is for you.

Pistats.io Jason Cipriani/CNET

As posted on Product Hunt, Pistats.io is a free service that scans your Gmail account for Uber and Lyft receipts, then plots your rides on a map for you. In addition to creating a map of your rides, the service also calculates how many miles you've traveled in ride-shares, how much money you've spent and the amount of time you've sat in a car being chauffeured around.

You'll need to have a Gmail or Google Apps email account, with your Uber and Lyft receipts stored inside. If you meet both of those requirements, open Pistats.io on your computer and authorize the service to scan your Gmail account for the info it needs.

A few seconds later, Pistats.io will display the relevant information found in your email archive. Clicking on the arrow at the bottom of the page will take you to a map of your rides and their exact routes. Narrow down the results using the criteria on the right side of the screen.

Only 12 out of my 27 receipts were properly processed by the service, but after a quick look at the FAQ, it appears the company is aware of such issues and working on improving its scanning technology.

For those on the fence about handing over access to your inbox to some random company, your fears are duly noted. A software engineer from the company stated they are working on adding the ability to forward your receipts to the service.

In a sense, I'm kind of glad the service didn't read over half of my rides. I'm too afraid to see the full amount of money and time I've spent riding in a stranger's car.