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Pinterest teases camera-search tech to make shopping a snap

Users will soon be able to shoot a photo of a product they spot in the real world and get related recommendations online.

Pinterest is adding automatic object detection to its visual-search function in its iOS app.

Pinterest on Tuesday previewed camera-search tech that could make your hunt for the perfect red couch much easier.

"Soon you'll be able to snap a photo of an object in the real world and get related recommendations on Pinterest," the digital-scrapbooking site said in a news release. Users can snap a photo of just one object or even a whole room. The feature will be available in "the coming months."

San Francisco-based Pinterest said it's also rolling out a feature in visual search that will automatically detect objects, enabling users to find products within a Pin's image. The feature will be available on the Apple iOS app. Users can simply tap visual search and then explore the dots they see.

Buyable Pins, previously available only on iOS and Android, are now on the web version of Pinterest too. You can also add products from multiple merchants to your shopping bag, and the bag carries over to multiple devices -- your phone, tablet or computer.