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Pinterest pierces Top 50 most-visited sites list

Though Google still reigns as No. 1, a ComScore study shows that Pinterest joined other social networks for the most frequently visited sites in the U.S. for September.

The top U.S. Web properties in September, according to ComScore.

ComScore released its list of Top 50 most-visited Web sites in the U.S. for September, and besides the usual big hitters, Pinterest made its debut appearance on the list.

Using its Media Metrix survey service, research firm ComScore found that Google was the top site in September, with 187 million visitors, and was closely followed by Microsoft, Yahoo, and Facebook.

"September also marked the first time that popular social-media site Pinterest cracked ComScore's Top 50 Properties ranking as it surpassed 25 million visitors for the month," ComScore Executive Vice President Jeff Hackett said in a blog post.

Pinterest had a total of 25.3 million visitors and ranked 50th on the list. Besides Facebook getting 4th place, other social-media sites also maintained spots on ComScore's list. LinkedIn got 26th, Twitter got 27th, got 44th, and MySpace got 47th.

One other interesting tidbit: Americans were thinking seriously about back to school in September. According to ComScore, education sites, like HotChalk and Coolmath, saw a surge in traffic in September that gave education the No. 1 spot on the firm's "categories chart." Other top categories included deals, computer hardware, and gifts.