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Pinterest makes mobile apps more social with mentions

The company has spruced up its iOS and Android apps so members can do more than just browse through pins.

You can now mention people from Pinterest's iOS and Android apps.

Pinterest released a handful of updates to its iOS and Android applications to give its members on mobile more of the features they find on the digital scrapbook service's Web site.

The Pinterest for Android and iOS apps were updated Tuesday with push notifications, mentions, and a better search experience. People using the iOS app can also now pin from an external website inside the app.

Mentions mean that app users can tag other people in their updates and enjoy better pin-related conversations. Notifications for new comments or mentions give people a reason to keep coming back to the app. And the improved search experience should make for faster browsing as the search bar suggests search terms when typing and serves up a person's most recent Web or mobile searches.

Altogether, the updates help make the inspirational social network a mobile-friendly place where people can do more than just browse through pins.