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Pinterest buttons pop up on Amazon, eBay

As the pinboard site continues to draw in more users, buttons that let you pin your favorite content are now appearing on more Web sites.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Pinterest has now joined the ranks of Facebook, Twitter, and other hot social networks by appearing as a share button on popular Web sites.

Amazon and eBay buyers alike will now find a Pinterest button in fourth place next to e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter as one of their primary sharing options. Seeing the recent surge in power and popularity of Pinterest, retailers are naturally quick to jump on the bandwagon, encouraging users to repin their favorite products and pages.

The image sharing site recently jumped ahead of LinkedIn and Tumblr to become the third most popular social network, according to Experian Marketing Services. The number of unique visitors to the site jumped 52 percent from January to February, surpassing 17.8 million, ComScore recently said. Even President Obama has gotten in on the action, recently adding Pinterest to his lineup of social networks.

Unlike some social networks, Pinterest is quick and simple to use, a couple of reasons why it may be proving so popular.

You create an image board to store a collection of photos and images that you wish to share. After you pin an image to your board, other users can click on it to read the full content, repin your pin to others, and even follow you to keep track of your various pins.