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Phoenix plugs hole in Windows NT

Phoenix is hoping to plug a major hole in Windows NT 4.0 with notebook software.

Phoenix Technologies is hoping to plug a major hole in Windows NT 4.0 by supplying a suite of software products to help the operating system run as well as notebook computers as on regular desktop computers.

Industry analysts expect substantial numbers of corporate users to move over from Windows 3.x or Windows 95 to NT 4.0, which will add the Windows 95 interface to the more powerful underlying NT operating system. But NT 4.0 lacks power management and other features that would make it a good OS choice for notebooks, a fact that already has some notebook vendors such as Compaq Computer and Hewlett-Packard concerned because many companies want their users to have the same system on their portable PCs as is used on corporate desktops.

The Phoenix suite is intended to rectify that by supplying active power management including standby and suspension modes; battery monitoring software, and software to add support to configure and control more than 200 internal add-in cards because NT 4.0 won't support the Plug-and-Play standard that takes care of this for Windows 95 users.