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PayPal to roll out Web redesign making it more user-friendly

The payment processor's Web site will soon be a relic of the past; the company is said to be revamping the site, cutting down on bar and tab options and making it more navigable.

Dara Kerr Former senior reporter
Dara Kerr was a senior reporter for CNET covering the on-demand economy and tech culture. She grew up in Colorado, went to school in New York City and can never remember how to pronounce gif.
Dara Kerr
PayPal's old Web design will soon be a relic of the past. Screenshot by Dara Kerr/CNET

PayPal's clunky Web site is about to get sleeker and more user-friendly. According to TechCrunch, the online payment company is revamping its Web site to make it more orderly and have fewer navigation bars and tab options. Now, there will be just three tabs: buy, sell, and transfer.

"We are always creating new ways to use your PayPal account," screenshots of the new Web site say. "Explore some innovations that could make your life a little easier."

PayPal told TechCrunch that the company will announce more details on the redesign tomorrow. For now, it's unclear if the changes are simply esthetic or substantive.

When CNET contacted PayPal for comment, the company's senior director of global communications Anuj Nayar, said, "PayPal.com has been completely redesigned with the customer in mind and is being rolled out to our users in North America this month. We have reworked the overall navigation of the site to ensure our customers could get to what they want quickly."

Over the past few months, the eBay-owned online payment processor has introduced major expansions to its service, which caters to more than 100 million users. Besides launching an extensive brick-and-mortar payment system and partnering with nearly 20 retail stores, PayPal is also expanding its service to mobile. These changes put the company in direct competition with credit card companies and also mobile payment services like Square, Verifone, and Intuit.

Updated at 7:10 p.m. PT to include comment from PayPal's senior director of global communications.