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PayPal lures Sydney app users with free coffee

PayPal is hoping to boost uptake of its mobile app with a promotion offering free coffee at 200 cafes across the Sydney CBD.

PayPal is offering free coffee to Sydneysiders. PayPal

PayPal's app allows users to get discounts and place pre-orders at local stores, cafes and restaurants, make cashless payments, transfer funds, order food deliveries or pay for taxis.

Sydneysiders who download the PayPal mobile app will be able to use it to pre-order their free coffee from one of 200 participating cafes across the city on Monday May 19. The free coffees will be available all day, and PayPal will also be set up at Wynyard Park, World Square and Manly Wharf from 6-10am to spread the word and show morning commuters how to use the app.

PayPal is also promoting the offer through social media, allowing customers to tag friends on Facebook with an 'I Owe You' post for their free coffee.