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Patreon Launches Its Own Video Player, and It's Ad-Free

Your favorite artists and creators could be getting a new tool to share their work.

A laptop and smartphone screen showing a video of a costumed diver.
Patreon's onsite video player will be without adds, the company said.

Patreon, the service that lets artists and creators provide exclusive content to subscribers, launched its own video player, the company said in a blog post Thursday. The new tool allows creators to share video without sending their fans to another site.

"This product drives forward Patreon's mission to help creators take control over their work, deepen connections with their most engaged fans, and build successful, sustainable businesses," the company wrote.

Patreon says its video player has no ads, doesn't limit video lengths and works across desktop and mobile. The video player is available to "eligible creators" with Pro or Premium plans at no cost through 2023.