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Path unveils 2.5: Larger photos, movie sharing, and a 'nudge'

Social-networking app for family and close friends adds new sharing features to Android and iPhone apps.

Larger photo presentation on Path 2.5

Path, the social-networking app designed to keep users in touch with family and close friends, rolled out a major update this evening for the iPhone and Android platforms that brings a variety of new features, including the ability to "nudge" friends.

Version 2.5 of the app, the first major update to the mobile app since November 2011, introduces book and movie sharing, larger images, and new photo editing tools.

Photos will now appear larger in home feeds, and users will have the option of adding filters. Users can snap photos by touching the volume button or immediately switch to capturing video with a single tap of the video screen.

The new version also allows users to share movies and books with friends, as well as get reviews and actor and author information without leaving Path.

"It's our hope that these additions to Path allow [users] to watch and read what your friends are watching and reading," the company said in a company blog post announcing the rollout.

Path streamlined the intro process with a short tour called Path 101 designed to get new users up and running more quickly.

One of the more interesting new features of the app allows users to "nudge" inactive friends and family. Like Facebook's "poke," the feature encourages inactive friends to post what they've been up to. It also allows users to send friend suggestions to friends and add personal voice messages.