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Pandora rocks a redesigned web interface with new features

The music-streaming service's revamped website includes features designed to help you interact with your music in new ways.

Music-streaming service Pandora has always offered quick, convenient access to algorithmic playlists -- now its redesigned website wants to help you interact with those tunes in new ways.

Pandora's new web interface showcases new artist-specific info, along with additional features for both free and paid subscribers.


The rejiggered online interface comes packed with extra info for each artist you listen to, including bios, lyrics and tour dates. Pandora is promising improved navigation through all of it too, thanks to a new album-art-centric layout. As for features, listeners will now be able to replay tracks from their history, and free subscribers who've used up all their skips will be able to earn more by watching a video advertisement.

The refreshed website and all the changes that go with it roll out starting today.