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Pageflakes enters the LiveUniverse

It's no wonder that Pageflakes, the personalized home page service, was looking for an exit--the company is in the same arena as heavyweights Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, and others.

LiveUniverse has acquired Pageflakes, a personalized home page service that had been rumored to be in need of a buyer. Pageflakes competes with the giants--Yahoo, Google, Microsoft and AOL, as well as Netvibes. It's no wonder that the company was looking for an exit. The acquisition was first reported by Techcrunch.

LiveUniverse was founded by Brad Greenspan, a founder of MySpace, and claims 55 million monthly unique users for its more than 30 entertainment sites, which include LiveVideo, LyricsDownload and TuneBlast. Initially, Pageflakes will be used to create "My LiveVideo" personalized pages.

Pageflakes CEO Dan Cohen, who previously worked on personalization at Yahoo and Google, will continue to run Pageflakes as a LiveUniverse subsidiary and also become senior vice president of LiveUniverse, reporting to Greenspan.

Deal terms were not disclosed.