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​Pac-Dog has Pac-Man fever

Watch as a cute dog dressed like Pac-Man collects dots and chases after ghosts Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde in a real-life maze.

There are few things more fun than playing the classic arcade game Pac-Man. Maneuvering your joystick to make Pac-Man race around a maze eating dots and fruit while colorful ghosts chase after him has always been a blast.

While Pac-Man will remain a favorite among gamers, this video of Pac-Dog may be even more charming than the original video game character himself.

In the video Pac-Dog (Animal Arcade Ep. 1) -- posted on YouTube on Tuesday by the content company Denizen -- a tiny dog dressed as Pac-Man races around a real maze popping white balloons (that resemble dots) and tries not to run into googly-eyed ghosts on sticks who are in hot pursuit of the mighty mutt.

The adorable dog not only gets a high score, but happily barks his approval at the end.

Since this video is titled episode 1, here's hoping more dogs re-enacting video games are on the way -- with the exception of Frogger. No one wants to see a real frog fail to cross a busy street.

What video games would you like to see dogs and cats play next?