Outlook on Mac Goes Free, New Features Coming

No Microsoft 365 subscription necessary.

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Imad Khan

Outlook is now free for Mac users, meaning a Microsoft 365 subscription -- formerly Microsoft Office -- won't be necessary to use the email app, Microsoft said in a blog post on Monday.

mouse cursor pointing at Outlook icon on a Mac

Microsoft Outlook is now free on Mac.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Additionally, Microsoft said new features will be coming to Mac users. This includes being able to "peek" at upcoming calendar events and connect a person's Outlook profile to Apple Focus, a feature that allows people to customize their notifications.

Microsoft said it didn't have an additional comment outside of the blog post.

Outlook is an email, calendar, note-taking and contact-management app that's been around since 1997. It was primarily used as enterprise software, but Microsoft slowly opened it up to more mainstream audiences, folding in email messaging from MSN and live.com. 

While Microsoft's Windows operating system is a major competitor to Apple's MacOS, both companies do create software for each other's platforms. Microsoft's enterprise software, like Word, Excel and PowerPoint, is available to Mac users. Apple's iTunes is also present on Windows.