Optus adds to home broadband bundles

Optus has announced a new mid-range offering in its line-up of home broadband and phone bundles, as well as a freebie with its most popular plan.

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Optus has announced additions to its home broadband bundles, adding a new mid-range plan and offering a tablet bonus on its all-you-can-eat unlimited data plan.

The telco's most popular offering, the Big Home Bundle, retains its AU$115 price tag, offering unlimited broadband data, unlimited standard local, national and 13/1300 calls to landlines (with line rental included), and Optus TV with Fetch for recording free-to-air TV and streaming and renting movies.

Optus has now added a sweetener to this Big Home Bundle, offering a Samsung Tab S 8.4-inch tablet as an inclusion on the deal; with 4G-compatibility on the device, this freebie could well lead to more business for the telco as customers look to add data SIMs to their tablet.

In addition to this top-of-the-line bundle, Optus has added a new AU$75 Entertainment Bundle with 50GB of data included. Optus promises no connection or phone line rental fees, the option to get a "double data" top-up twice a year, and the option of getting a no lock-in contract for an extra $10 per month.

According to Optus' vice president of fixed-line services, Sue Bailey, the changes to the plan line-up are set to meet customer demands.

"What we know is that customers like to bundle their internet, phones and entertainment together," she said. "With these two new plans we've got bundles to suit a range of households."

While she conceded that data is still the big drawcard for customers, Bailey said the inclusion of unlimited call options was still important for some customers, and that despite the growth of mobile phones, home phone lines wouldn't be taking a back seat in Optus' offering any time soon.

Both plans are on 24-month contracts (though the Entertainment Plan can be switched to a month-to-month option) and full details on inclusions and costs can be found on Optus' website.