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Opera Mini browser for Android gets new data compression tech

The latest version for the mobile browser adds a new High compression mode that minimises data expenditure without affecting the page display.

Aloysius Low Senior Editor
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Aloysius Low
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High-compression (right) on the Opera Mini browser doesn't distort the page layout. Opera

Users with severely limited data caps rejoice -- Opera's latest update to its Opera Mini browser for Android has gotten a new update that promises data savings without making your web page look ugly.

Usually used in lower-end budget phones, the Opera Mini browser was previously limited to just the Extreme compression mode, which took almost all the bells and whistles off of web pages (including scaling down pictures). The new High compression mode is optimized for 4G, 3G and Wi-Fi networks and doesn't affect how a page looks.

"With the rise of better smartphones and better network conditions our users now want the option to have a less aggressive data compression mode so they can experience the full internet when network conditions allow for it," said Christian Uribe, Opera Mini product manager in a statement.

Other notable features of the mobile browser include a better UI for saving pages, an overhauled tab switcher, private browsing mode and a scalable interface for higher resolution devices. While Opera Mini is usually targeted at lower-end devices, having a scalable interface would also be handy for data-roamers who use a higher-end smartphones and want to save on data.

Opera is counting on the update to reach out to more users -- the company has set a target of 275 million Android users by the end of 2017, and a big chunk of this user base will come from India and Indonesia, where users experience slower internet and network issues.

The Opera Mini revamp follows a recent update to the company's Opera Max app, which added the capability of saving data for users who want to watch videos on YouTube or Netflix.